Книга - "The Encyclopedia of Playing Card Flourishes" (слейтинг)

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Here's a short sequence that illustrates how to get mileage from something as basic as the Charlier Pass. This is shown from the audience's viewpoint. The deck starts in dealing position in the left hand. Divide the deck in half by riffling halfway down the left long side of the deck with the thumb (Figure 1-10), and then somersaulting the top half into the waiting right palm (Figure 1-11). See the first six pictures for the two-hand Butterfly Cut if you aren't familiar with this common deck-division method. Now cross the hands at the wrists. Now do a Charlier Pass in the left hand, then do one in the right hand, then one in the left. Uncross the hands. Now do a Charlier Pass in both hands simultaneously. Now do a Charlier Pass in both hands simultaneously but stop halfway (Figure 1-12). Bring the hands together and interpolate the four packets (Figures 1-13 to 1-15). Push the packets together and square the whole deck in the left hand.


Figure 1-10               Figure 1-11                 Figure 1-12



Figure 1-13                Figure 1-14          Figure 1-15



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